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Creative Arts and Older People

Firstly, I wanted to share some interesting resources that have been created to highlight the benefits of the Creative Arts when working with Older People. These are readily available and can be downloaded for free. All of them are good reads! Dementia and...

Engage – Bringing people and art together

Engage is a wonderful website that brings together best practice, resources and upcoming networking events and conferences! Who are they? "Established in 1989 as the National Association for Gallery Education, Engage represents gallery and visual art education...

Creativity at Home during Covid-19 outbreak!

With everything going on with Covid-19, I thought I would highlight a few websites that bring great art to you whilst you are at home! These websites have been designed for older people in a variety of contexts and environments, from care homes to assisted living...

Created Out of Mind

I wanted to mention ‘Created Out of Mind’ – a group of collaborators from Artists, Researchers and people living with Dementia who aim to change general perceptions of dementia. Created Out of Mind say :"'Through two research themes: People and Perceptions and In the...

Apply for a Winston Churchill Fellowship

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust – ‘Travel to make a difference’ A Churchill Fellowship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your professional and personal horizons by researching an issue that you care about, with the global leaders in that subject, anywhere...

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