Firstly, I wanted to share some interesting resources that have been created to highlight the benefits of the Creative Arts when working with Older People.
These are readily available and can be downloaded for free. All of them are good reads!

Dementia and Imagination, research informed approaches to Visual Arts Programmes

Treasury of arts activities for older people

Arts in Care Homes: a rapid mapping of training provision

The Baring Foundation says:

“Everyone has a fundamental right to take part in cultural activities. Arts and culture also bring benefits in terms of personal health, happiness and wellbeing. That participating in the arts can enhance the lives of older people has now been made by a growing body of evidence and authoritatively reiterated in 2017 in a report by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Well-being and Health.

However, old age can be an isolating and lonely time and many older people find it hard to get to activities that suit their experience, capabilities and interests. Since 2010, we have focused our arts programme on participatory arts with people over the age of 60 facing disadvantage or discrimination”.

As part of these funded arts programmes, The Baring Foundation has produced a selection of resources as evaluations.

All of them can be found here